About Us

Pinopen is Shoppers delight for it caters to their everyday needs that are small but essential. Be it office stationery, pantry products, housekeeping and hygiene products or MRO Products. Pinopen is customers virtual vendor cum personal assistant that helps them to choose from 4000+ quality products across 150+ trusted brands and delivers the purchases at their doorsteps across India. Barely two-year old, the e-commerce portal is customer favorite for.

  • Sure savings
  • Reduction in Consumption
  • On-time Deliveries
  • Saves Clients from Haggles of vendors manoeuvring.

About 20% of the overall spending by SMEs, MNCs, and corporate involve indirect material purchasing. But local market inventory, sourcing efforts, approvals and other paper works make this tiny task daunting and leave little time for introspect on top-spends.90% of companies do not have a system in place to track their top spends, overall consumption or details of their opex consumption patterns.

Ab employee often invests substantial time and efforts to visit local vendors to secure a beneficial deal for the company. But it has come to notice how customers suffer loss due to vendors deceitful practices wherein they often supply substandard material or cheat in quantity. Also vendors collect GST on invoice but do not deposit with Authorities. Vendors often resort to unethical business practice like bribery to secure orders from customers.

Pinopen is all about fair trade practice, value for customer’s money and a lot of savings. When buyer makes a purchase request it is directed to a checker for verification and approval. Even the history of who approved the order maintained. Upon ordering and delivery, pinopen submits a consolidated invoice statement as per agreed terms.

Pinopens MIS reports provide customers an insight into their consumption pattern, comparative analysis on top spends and corresponding cost at miniscule level and these reports help customers cut down their expenditure significantly. A simple single window online system, buyer friendly shopping and return policy are pinopen’s add-ons.

Pinopen has made optimal utilization of technology for its functions, operations and business model to handle all tail-end product purchases. Small enterprises, big corporate, banks, NBFCs, insurance firms, MNCs, educational institutions, consultancy firms or start-ups, pinopen offers customized shopping solutions to all.

Though pinopen can be accessed through specially designed corporate program called POPSYS, orders can be placed through traditional methods such as phone calls and emails.

Pinopen is a perfect solution to save time efforts, cost helps customers lap a good fair deal, without compromising on quality, and quantity, pinopen delivers both direct savings on product costs through consolidation and indirect savings by relieving customers of the cost of local inventory and internal dispatches. Together often this amount of 20% or more in savings. So save while you shop from pinopen.

Make your wish list and visit pinopen and get your pick from 8000+ products and get them delivered at your location anywhere in India.